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Grain Storage - Australian Grain LinkIn the Australian grain industry, maintaining the supply, quality and accessibility of grain is of highest importance to ensure customer requirements are met. Our domestic company, Grain Link (NSW) Pty Limited, provides its suppliers, clients and customers with storage, marketing and freight solutions to ensure grain is efficiently transferred throughout the supply chain. For selected customers, we also provide finance of grain which provides a "one stop shop".

Currently, Grain Link (NSW) Pty Limited markets and trades grain throughout Eastern Australia for grain growers, domestic millers and the intensive livestock industry. The company has key established long term customers and clients.

Grain Storage - Australian Grain LinkWe are members of Grain Trade Australia Bulk Handlers and meet all Government legislation and requirements for stringent domestic audit procedures. Australian Grain Link extends this proven capacity to provide our "Farm to Customer" services to selected overseas customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.