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Warrawidgee Station

Farm Production - Australian Grain Link

Australian Grain Link's association with the Salvestro Family (Warrawidgee Station Pty Limited) developed through a long history of direct grower contact, extending back to the mid 1980's. From here, the conception of Australian Grain Link Pty Limited developed and streamlined into a business to provide the service of segregated bulk grain storage locations, offering a complete "farm to customer" service.

Over 60 years ago, the Salvestro Family commenced farming in the heart of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, initially in horticultural farming. They prospered through efficient and sustainable farming practices and pioneered broadacre irrigation farming layout and design, expanding to become a large scale operation {producing over 100,000 tonnes of grain each year} in the Benerembah district. The Salvestro Family have developed the bankless channel irrigation process, which has enabled water and labour efficiencies.

Farm Production - Australian Grain LinkThe cornerstone of the business is summer cropping of rice, corn (maize) and cotton, whilst winter cropping includes soft and noodle wheat, canola (rape seed) and faba beans. Rice is grown in rotation with irrigated soft white wheat, resulting in a consistent high quality wheat and guaranteed production due to the reliable MIA water supply.